Dear Brito’s 

I hereby wish to extend our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation for your kind and generous donation towards the work of the Justice and Service Mission Group in the Methodist Church in Eerste River. It is our mission to look out for the needy in our congregation as well as individuals in the surrounding communities. Due to financial constraints however, it is merely impossible to reach out to the extent that is needed, as the rate of unemployment and the conditions experienced in certain areas, just speak of the poverty that many households suffer. We are therefore tremendously grateful to yourself and others who from time to time, open their hearts and coffers to contribute in different ways, for us to do this work in the local communities.

I wish to ensure you that your donation had been put to good use and once again wish to, also on behalf of those recipients, thank you for having favourably considered our request for sponsorship and pray that the Almighty will bless your business as you also serve the needs of the marginalised on a daily basis.

Kind Regards

Church Administrator