Dear Britos

Thank you so much for your monthly donations to us! It is wonderful to know that we have a company like yourselves who care for the welfare of our poorer communities and the health of the patients at the clinics that we feed.

As you know, Grace Kitchen is an NPO dedicated to feeding the poor. We provide cooked meals twice a week and sandwiches once a week, to two different clinics in our area. We average feeding 200 people weekly and cannot do this without support from our sponsors. It is wonderful to see how those in the area, like Britos, have come out and sponsored us, to help us make ends meet.

Your donation of cold meats, every month, goes a long way to provide nutrition on the sandwiches we make, and we also use the ham in our pasta dishes as a good source of protein.

Thank you for your faithfulness in doing this every month and with such graciousness.

God bless and kind regards

Kirsty Price
Grace Kitchen Ministries Co-ordinator”

These are some of our volunteers from the church who come in and cook, dish and deliver to Kasselsvlei and Karl Bremer.