Dear Brito’s

On behalf of Grace Kitchen Ministry we would like to thank you for your continued support.

While we understand the current economic situation together with the load-shedding challenge, has put an extra burden
on everybody, not least of all the food industry, we are also finding it more challenging to get support from the Big Business.

It is with gratitude and appreciation that we would like to thank You Britos, for supporting us in the past and
we value our relationship and the support you provide to us to assist us in our plight to feed the growing
number of people on a daily basis.

It really gives us as Grace Kitchen Ministry, great pleasure to be able to write to you once again and thank you
for your loyal Partnership and re-commitment to GKM! We are grateful for our long-standing relationship and
excited to serve the needy even further while growing our ministry to the most vulnerable in the form of Grace
Kitchen Ministry through our partnership!

Thank you so much for your continued support of the work we do and your gesture of love and care for our
staff at Grace Kitchen Ministry. You always go the extra mile to ensure that we can do our work to the best of
our abilities.