Dear Brito’s,

We would like to thank you out of the bottom of our hearts for the donation that our school  has received from  Britos. Your generosity has given us the opportunity to feed our learners on the afternoon and evening of our prize-giving event.

No learner went home with an empty tummy. Nothing was wasted, every little crumb was eaten. They were so grateful they made a heart warming effort to say thank you. WE have taken photo’s so that you can share in our joy and pride.

The support and dedication that Britos Head Office gave showed towards our school made a huge difference. Most of the learners and staff do not go home after school ,because of the distance that they need to travel daily. The food that we have prepared from your donation has given us the opportunity to offer them something to eat after school and again at dinner time. I can assure you that they were very grateful to get something to eat.  Most of the learners do not have the money to buy food nor do they have extra food to bring to school for the day.

The principle and staff would like to thank you so much for your support. We appreciate your generosity and support towards our school and our learners. Your donation has  made our learners converdent and proud of their achievements.