Dear Britos

On behalf of the Hope Revolution we would like to thank you dearly for your generous donation
2 x 5kg chicken
1x10kg Mixed Vegetables
Thank you very much.

A bit of background:
The Hope Revolution a Non – Profit and Non – Governmental Organization, established to
rescue children, youth and young adults from the traps of drug abuse, gangs, prostitution and
victims of Human Trafficking. Since our inception, we’ve been actively engaged in prevention,
early intervention and intervention programs for schools, churches, government departments

Our 12 -month residential program offers hope and help, freedom and success to both men and
women. Despite very challenging circumstances our organization has a track record of Success
and Effectiveness in combating these self-destructive subcultures in our communities. The
challenge is to improve and reach all those in need. We partner with the Department of Social
Development, the South African Police and other NPO and religion organization to tackle the
issues faced by our society and only by working together can we be successful.

Ezra Nomdoe