The Indoor Clubs Junior Cricket Club would like to thank Brito’s Head Office for their generous support of our Burger Sale fundraiser by donating 5 boxes of Budget burger patties. The fundraiser was held on Saturday 10 October 2020.

The main aim of this fundraiser was to raise funds for our very talented young cricket players to make the financial burden of the weekly game fees a bit lighter on the players. As the majority of the players is coming from single-parent homes, the cost of the weekly games (R52.50 per player) is getting very hard on the players – now even harder with the current Covid-19 pandemic making thing more difficult. This fundraiser was very much successful with the profit raised to be used to make the weekly game cost more affordable to the players.

We would like to thank Brito’s and wish them very well on their business success in the future.

Our very best wishes for the future.

Chairman: Indoor Cubs Junior Cricket Club