Camps Bay Pipe Track / Tidal Pool
We finally got the kids back to the mountains this week thanks to our commitment to these amazing children.
71 little ones tumbled out of our HG Travelling Service bus accompanied by Lulama and were met by Dani and 5 new first-time Hiking Club volunteers.
It was a mountain-ocean combo, as the kids absolutely love both!
We had our group meeting and assigned 2 leaders and a sweep. We walked for 2 hot and then headed to the beach.
We don’t leave anything but footprints and the echoes of laughter and fun on the mountain. We then were lucky to have the Camps Bay tidal pool, almost all to ourselves.
Picnics on the grass, tired, happy hearts as the kids got back on the bus to head home, blowing kisses as the bus pulled away.
Thank you, Brito’s Meat Centre, for the delicious sandwiches!
Thank you, and welcome Nkosi, Helga, Amanda, Sandra, Masi and Michelle!
These photos are magic ✨