Our first hike of 2022 was a hit with our younger members! Word spread that we would be doing a beach hike and 85 youngsters piled into the HG traveling services bus in Nyanga early on Sunday morning.

At around 9 am, they arrived at the Long Beach parking lot – for the 2.5km beach hike to the Wreck of the Kakapo!
No shoes were needed, and the kids walked right along the water’s edge, splashing in and out of the water and playing with Nyanga Hiking Clubs’ two official mascots, our rescue dogs Milo and Troy (and mascot in training, Django).
After an hour, we reached the wreck and the kids immediately started exploring, climbing into the old boiler, and out onto the roof of the wreck. It was a hive of activity until we started the hike bike, and excitement built for the promised swim!
The water was Atlantic cold, but this didn’t deter our youngsters, and virtually all of them played in the surf for as long as we allowed them to. Finally, tired and happy, they enjoyed the wonderful sandwiches prepared courtesy of Brito’s Meat Centre’s generous donations. Thanks guys!
Thanks to our volunteers who ensured another safe and successful hike, as well as two of the members who are part of our older crew, who volunteered to look after the young ones today!
Thank you, as always, to Mapula Trust and our other donors, who make this all possible.