Dear Britos 

SHAZ youth and its members would like to express our gratitude to you for your generous donation of R500 toward our Mother’s Day High Tea Raffle.

The High Tea and Raffle are fundraisers which were held to help us raise funds toward our Youth Life skills and leadership camp which will be from 03/07/2018 – 06/07/2018 at Rondevlei Island. Last year’s camp proved to be very successful in getting our youth more involved in our communities and more supportive of each other.

Our vision is that our youth grow up in a community with more options for them to discover their individual talents and develop complete acceptance of each other no matter what race, gender, size or background.

Thank you for sponsoring our event, may God richly bless all and may your business prosper as a result of your generosity

Kind Regards

Monica Davis
SHAZ Youth Program Coordinator
NPO Reg. 202-030
Tel: 0787356892