Dear Brito’s,
On behalf of the principal, staff, and learners of Alta du Toit School, we hereby express our sincere
thanks and gratitude for the donation of ham loaves and smoked viennas to our school.
Alta du Toit is a school that teaches severely intellectually impaired learners who are in high need
of support. By creating a favourable climate in which our learners are given maximum stimulation,
our school offers specialised education for learners who do not benefit from mainstream
education. We aim to provide each child with an opportunity to develop at their own pace and
to become as self-sufficient as possible.

With the support of the National Schools Nutrition Programme, our school provides each learner
with two meals a day. In addition, we try to support community members and families with food
parcels as often as possible. To ensure that our learners can attend school, we have the use of 12
busses for school transport to and from home. These busses travel approximately 1 300km on a
daily basis. We also accommodate 72 learners in the Alta du Toit school hostel. Unfortunately, as
most of the parents simply cannot afford these services, we are wholly dependent on donations,
such as yours, to sustain our service delivery.

The Alta du Toit Governing Body works according to a three-year Strategic Management Plan,
compiled by staff, parents, and the Department of Education. This Strategic Management Plan
guides us in our fundraising campaigns. All our fundraising efforts aim to achieve financial support
to provide access to education and economic opportunities for persons with disabilities, not only at
the Alta du Toit School, but also to further our JobAbled initiative. Individuals or companies that
contribute to the many causes of our school, would be issued with Section 18A certificates in terms
of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 or Section 9 letters in terms of the Transfer Duty Act 40 of 1949,
whichever is applicable.

You are welcome to read more about the Alta du Toit School, our partners, and our initiatives on
our website at or contact our principal, Marius Erasmus at
021 903 4178.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support.