Dear Brito’s

On behalf of WOF we would like to thank you so much for your donation to us, it is much appreciated.

Working on fire is an Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) aimed at providing work opportunities to young men and women.

The Programme resides under, and is funded by, the Department of Environmental Affairs.

Participants are recruited from marginalised communities and trained in fire awareness and education, fire prevention and fire suppression skills.

In addition, they are also trained in skills such as first aid, carpentry, cooking, health and safety and communications.

Working on Fire recruits and trains young men and women from across South Africa, with a strong focus on marginalized communities and people with disabilities.

There are currently more than 5000 participants in the Programme, 94% of whom are youth, 31% are women (the highest level in any comparable fire service in the world) and 3% disabled.

Working on Fire promotes capacity building among participants and runs various programmes, which help to develop the social cohesion of these participants.

Empowering participants to make informed decisions, and also helping them with financial and social related problems, makes up a vital part of the programme’s initiatives.

With your help we were able to make the 20 year Working on Fire celebration a great success.


Cape Peninsula Fire Protection Association

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